Expert Advice Profile:


Barry Moltz

Author, Serial Entrepreneur,


Describe your business in one sentence.

I get small business owners unstuck.


What led you to launch your business?

I sold my last business and my wife would not let me start another one!


How’d you land your very first customer or client?

Referral from a trusted friend


What’s the biggest struggle you’ve encountered in running your small business?

How to build a business that is an annuity and just not one off engagements


What has surprised you most about running your business?

How hard it is!


What one thing do you know now that you wish you would’ve known when you started?

How to read financial statements


How do you measure success?

Can I support my family at something I love to do


What’s your must-read online resource in your industry?

The Small Biz Lady’s blog and articles in the New York Times


If standing on a rooftop facing crowds of aspiring business owners, I would shout,

Let Go!